10 Tips for Dealing with Problems

Stephen Hopson of Adversity University asks how people deal with adversity. The following lists ten ways I attack adversity.
1. Perseverance.
2. Do it. You stare at blank page. You can’t decide whether to accept a scary new assignment. Instead of dwelling on fears and roadblocks, do something. I recently accepted a writing assignment that scared me. Rather than worry about the beginning of the article — I just started writing what I knew and little by little, more content came in.
3. Do something tedious. Sometimes I can’t get past something or get in the right mood. Rather than wasting time, I move on to an easy and mindless task. Accomplishing the mindless task sometimes motivates me to return to what I couldn’t do before.
4. Accept things as they are. This is a biggie especially with my deafness. I know I’ll always meet a kid who makes fun of my speech or looks at me in a weird way. I’m used to it and accept that it happens. I don’t like it, but I let it go. Recently, I mustered up the courage to talk to second graders — it wasn’t their making fun of me that concerned me, but the reflection on my son.
5. Try it. I had the opportunity to write news articles five days a week for a Web site. That’s not the hard part — the hard part came in getting two original quotes from sources. This meant making lots of phone calls since not everyone checks e-mail multiple times a day and I needed these quotes before noon. Rather than thinking about the barrier of making phone calls (a tedious process through the relay service), I tried it. It didn’t work out. But I gained experience and learned from it.
6. Educate / speak up. People act the way they do because they don’t understand something. Teaching them makes a difference just like I taught the second graders about deafness. I’ve met people who thought I was a snob (among other things) because I didn’t respond or ignored them. I educated them and their thinking changed.
7. Use tools. Technology and knowledge give me the power to do things I might not have done before. Instant messenger lets me chat with family, friends and colleagues. Knowledge such as I know I can’t lipread from far away — so I sit in the right place to ensure I can follow the speaker. I also learned that some speakers like to walk and talk — with this knowledge, I ask speakers if they walk and change seats accordingly.
8. Find the heart of the problem. Many of us argue with others and that argument slowly moves further and further away from the real issue. If this happens, I stop and return to the heart of the problem.
9. Practice. I’ve always been determined to show that I am just as good as anyone else whether it’s sports, school or work. Practicing helps a person improve. This entry on creativity shows how lack of practice hurts.
10. Honesty. If I discover that I can’t do something well enough after trying, I face it rather than fake it. I’d rather admit my fault than turn doing something subpar.

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  1. Wonderful post! It reminded me of what I need to do when I’m hitting obstacles!

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