Flipping the Switch… : Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ!

In his previous book, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, John G. Miller shows how to change our thinking by asking questions in a different way. In Flipping the Switch, Miller provides more examples on how to ask questions to hold ourselves accountable in work and life. Doing this leads to five advantages Miller calls … Read more

Ideal Job and Handling Criticism

We have an interesting dialogue happening that started with Diana’s Describe Your Ideal Job entry, which addresses how to answer such a question in a job interview. Stu Kopelman responded with logical points believe there is an “ideal job.” How many times have you been asked, “What is your dream job?” Even if you document … Read more

Volunteering with Kids

I have a degree in elementary education, but I am not comfortable working with kids because I sound different and worry about understanding them. Obviously, I love kids as I have three of my own (the youngest turns two at the end of this month,—sob). Anyway, my kids’ school PTA has a program in which … Read more

Try to do something creative

Try to do something creative and it blows up in your face. Update on June 14, 2010: This post is hilarious. It has gotten a lot of attention … I was going to delete it, but then I thought: You know what? Let’s give folks they want. I hope this helps! 35 Ideas to Do … Read more