4 Steps for Dealing with Mistakes

For freelancers and solopreneurs, making a mistake on a task compares to a corporate employee receiving bad performance review. Facing mistakes — no matter how small — as a freelancer comes harder than those made as a corporate employee — and I’ve worked on the other side. The other side includes working for the U.S. … Read more

4 Things to Ask Your Customers

Three Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You Unless You Ask offers excellent advice to help you improve your business and relationship with your clients. Here are the three things from the Freelance Folder entry and I add a fourth because it ensures your business receives effective testimonials: Why Do You Enjoy Being My Customer? What … Read more

Ideal Job and Handling Criticism

We have an interesting dialogue happening that started with Diana’s Describe Your Ideal Job entry, which addresses how to answer such a question in a job interview. Stu Kopelman responded with logical points believe there is an “ideal job.” How many times have you been asked, “What is your dream job?” Even if you document … Read more