Microsoft Word Macros Don’t Stick

I’m editing an eBook that requires special formatting for every story. Naturally, this was a good fit for a macro. The first macro did all the steps, but fumbled on the call outs.

Better idea: create two macros with the second one covering the call outs. This worked like a charm… until I closed Word and opened it the next day. The macros and the buttons on the toolbar representing the macros were gone.

I tried again a few times, studying the properties and options closer each time to no avail. Went to Microsoft to search the knowledge base and found a possible solution: Word does not save changes or you receive an error message in an Office program after you install Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

Reading the title, it didn’t sound like the right thing, but further scanning revealed “When you change the workspace in Microsoft Word, the changes are not saved when you quit Word. These changes to the workspace include the following examples: You create a macro…”

Bingo. Let’s hope it works. I deleted the bad macro (the first one I created) that kept reloading every time and created the two macros and a button for each. Did a Save All and now it’s come up two days in a row. Adobe Acrobat 7 looks like the culprit for a few problems. Every time I run it, Adobe wants to download updates, but I’m not sure I should let it.

Update: It worked. All you need to do is “Save All” by pressing and holding the Shift key, then select File menu and click Save All.

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  1. I have been having this problem for months on my Citrix servers (ever since I installed Adobe Acrobat 7, come to think of it :). Totally stoked to see someone who has a solution for it. Thanks!!!!!!


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