Responding to Bulk and Group Emails

I’ve noticed a trend lately in email newsletters stating “Do not respond to this email as it will go to Email Never, Never Land,” or something along those lines. Sending email newsletters with a valid “Reply-To” would work better. What are the chances subscribers will notice that line?
I’m betting that not all email newsletter services have this ability. What about redirecting emails? It’s easy (at least on my server) to forward any emails going to “” redirects to “”
Should neither of these options work, then all you can do is make a note that the email address won’t ensure a person’s email gets where it needs to go. But is it possible for an email newsletter service not to have either option available?
How many of you know someone who has “Reply Allitis”? A good friend of mine is afflicted with it and it frustrates me when she replies to everyone where a reply to the sender would do. I don’t have the spine to tell her to cut it out. And she’s very computer literate. How do you deal with it?
Interesting fact: The number of people who write “e-mail” outnumbers those who write “email” by a huge margin. 3,430,000,000 to 135,000,000. Yet, I can’t regularly use “e-mail” unless it’s a client’s preference (my writing is flexible for others, just not for me). Looks like I have over 100 entries with “email.” Ouch.

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