i.e., etc., and e.g.

A professor I work with at NYU asked me about i.e., etc., and e.g. and when to use which. First, to make it easier to remember which one means what, here’s what they mean: i.e. – that is (stands for id est from Latin). You can also use it to substitute, “in other words.” etc. … Read more

Corporate Gibberish Generator

Need quick content about your business that sounds like you took your time to craft? Let the Corporate Gibberish Generator do the work for you. Al you have to do is enter your company name and click “Generate.” Ta da! Look at this amazing paragraph it created within seconds (before you read it, double up … Read more

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

I’m obviously a stickler for grammar and enjoy finding grammatical errors, typos, and other funny goofs with the English language as evidenced in the Gotchas (new design coming) and the series I’ve written for Webreference. Imagine my excitement when hearing about this runaway bestseller in which the author takes a “zero-tolerance approach to punctuation.” It … Read more

World’s Longest Palindrome

World’s Longest Palindrome? and there’s a word (OK, so it’s not in dictionary.com) that means “fear of palindromes,” look at it — the word is a palindrome itself.