PR Fail on Company Sites

We won’t debate the changing PR landscape and how PR folks need to reach out to journalists. Instead, let’s talk about how companies can better serve journalists. Jakob Nielsen provides five reasons journalists visit a company’s web site: Locate a PR contact (name and telephone number). Find basic facts about the company (spelling of an … Read more

Six Easy Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

You’ve probably read or heard many experts say that keeping your clients costs less than obtaining new ones. A Bain and Company study reports that boosting customer loyalty by 5 percent improves your profits by 25 percent at the very least and can go up to 95 percent. You can’t ask for better numbers than … Read more

Marketing Books Online

With book coverage in print and newspaper sales declining, authors and publishers must extend their reach to the Internet if they want to boost book sales and publicity. Furthermore, authors are more involved in marketing their books than in the past as publishers can’t or won’t do enough. Print publications still play a valuable role … Read more

Free Publicity

How’s this for irony? I watched The Shipping News a couple of days ago before reading this book. One of my favorite parts of the movie was the main character learning how to write strong headlines. Instead of the dull “Horizon Fills with Dark Clouds,” his co-worker suggested, “Imminent Storm Threatens Village.” The main character, … Read more