5 Steps for Small Businesses Reputation Management

Online reputation management is not just the province of those businesses and public figures that have been subject to scandal. On the contrary, in this age of Google where anyone can look up anything and anyone, reputation management is vital. For small businesses, it’s not a vanity or a luxury, but a true necessity. Think … Read more

The Secret to Writing about a Popular Topic

Before reading Margie Clayman’s Avoid the temptation to write something popular, I saw articles on how to get ideas for blogging and how to write a bunch of blog posts quickly. These tired topics introduce nothing new. Same outfit, different color and style. Blog there, done that. I’d rather not blog than rehash something that … Read more

Guest Post: Recalibrate Your Online Presence in the Age of Pinterest

Watch out, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+! There’s a new kid on the block who’s gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. And the kid’s name is Pinterest. The social media world is changing and evolving all the time. Pinterest is only two years old but over the past several months, this precocious little kid has exhibited … Read more

Let Us Facebook

With the holiday season upon us and many of us spending less time online, on blogs and elsewhere — I decided to make a Facebook edition of “Let It Snow.” I’ve also done Twitter and blog versions: Let Us Tweet (Dragon unNaturally Speaking makes an appearance here) and Let Us Blog. Again, apologies to “Let … Read more

AP, Writers and Social Media

The AP is Changing the Way Their Reporters Use Twitter reports that the Associated Press (AP) is forbidding writers from sharing opinions in Twitter, including opinions of others through retweets. I understand AP wants to ensure its reputation for unbiased reporting remains intact. My initial reaction was tripping over my jaw that had somehow landed on … Read more

5 Clues Affecting Twitter Follow Back

After seeing a few folks with #hashtag after #hashtag in their Twitter bios, I asked what people thought of that. Along the same lines, I tweeted, “‘I follow back’ in a twitter bio does the opposite of what is intended … at least for me. How about you?” I don’t follow back because it tells me they’re about numbers not quality. I admit following one person back who has “I follow back” because he posts great quotes worth sharing.

8 Steps to Start Strong onTwitter

While there’s no right or wrong way to start using Twitter, you can take a few steps to make the most of it. For example, if you start following people before adding an avatar, you’re less likely to see people following you back. Having the default avatar has become an unconscious signal that the user isn’t serious about Twitter, and in some cases, could be a spammer.