Book Yourself Solid Book Review

Businesses especially small businesses expect employees to do more than their main job and this often includes sales and marketing. Book Yourself Solid contains activities that business people most likely already know. However, Michael Port brings these activities together and organizes them using lists and questions to help the reader find the answers. The author … Read more

KFC New Famous Bowls

This Is Broken looks at KFC’s ad for its “NEW! KFC famous bowls.” The submitter correctly points out that you can’t be “new” and “famous” at the same time. One reader says games can become famous before they ever hit the market. True. Look at Nintendo’s Brain Age and Big Brain Academy. My mom was … Read more

David Suzuki Foundation

Dave Taylor is the communications director at David Suzuki Foundation. The organization uses Marqui’s CMS to manage its site. What were your basic requirements when you began looking for a CMS? We needed something simple that didn’t require technical expertise to use, had a built-in subscriber database capacity, and a timed release function. What other … Read more