Event Web Design

Designing Web sites for events requires a different thought process and approach than a regular Web site. Of course, every design project should be unique, but events have features in common that the design project should discuss in every project. Such common features include: Home page: Event name, date, location and quick explanation of what … Read more

Amazon Feedback and Marketplace Usability

I was reviewing feedback left for a Marketplace seller. Here are a couple of snippets: “Great book for new moms to be! “Excellent book!” “Great book…” “Great quality…” “Great product…” This person is a book seller. He doesn’t publish books or sell e-books. So if a person buys a book from him and the book … Read more

Call to Action

The main purpose of the book is to help businesses increase their conversion rates. Conversion, and there isn’t a better word to describe it, means action that leads to the results you want. It could be increased product sales, more newsletter subscriptions, contacting the business, or more registered users. Call for Action is about improving … Read more