Amazon Feedback and Marketplace Usability

I was reviewing feedback left for a Marketplace seller. Here are a couple of snippets:
“Great book for new moms to be!
“Excellent book!”
“Great book…”
“Great quality…”
“Great product…”
This person is a book seller. He doesn’t publish books or sell e-books. So if a person buys a book from him and the book stinks, does that mean the seller is bad, too? If you’re thinking the person could be describing the book’s condition, there are better ways to say that like these:
“As described…”
“Great condition…”
“The order arrived in a timely manner, however the book had water damage…it was listed as almost new.”
“Item arrived well packed and in great condition.”
I always forget where to find the feedback page and the product ordered page complete with its condition. You can’t find these in the same place.
The Recent Transactions page (you get there from Your Account > Payments: View All Your Recent Purchases > Sign in > Search transactions or click “Recent Transactions.”
Amazon Transactions Page.gif
The Transaction ID/Order ID page has the buyer’s shipping address, items ordered and price, payment date, and transaction activity.
Amazon Order Page
The Listing ID shows the item information, seller, seller’s ratings, condition seller listed, and seller’s comments.
Amazon Listing ID
Leave feedback is not reachable at any of these pages. It took me five minutes to find it again. I had to click on “Where’s My Stuff” from the Your Account page.
Why can’t all of this be in one convenient place? Perhaps, Amazon’s huge and complex backend may limit its ability. When I got stuck in the Marketplace account pages, I had to email the company because the Help didn’t help.
If I want to see my friends’ wish lists or check to see if I reviewed something, I click on “Your Wish List” > “Your Amazon Home.” It sounds like “Your Amazon Home” should be in the global navigation and this could take you to your accounts and everything else. Yeah, you can get to the account pages and “Where’s My Stuff” if you scroll to the very bottom of Your Amazon Home. It would be nice to get to this page in one click instead of two.
Amazon My Stuff Page
Wow. I’m ranked in the 1200s as a reviewer. You don’t get any awards for hitting top 1000 or top 500 reviewers, but the info appears by your name. Just have to get a few hundred more votes and I’m in. I haven’t been top anything for years.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Feedback and Marketplace Usability”

  1. I rate Amazon itself one of the worst booksellers. When I order from amazon and their marketplace sellers at the same time, I’m always far more satisfied with the marketplace seller in terms of prompt delivery and good price. Right now I’m reading a book from a marketplace seller happily, while I wait for Amazon to cough up some books I ordered long ago. Even they have upgraded this to a ‘complex issue’ now! What happened there, did they outsource there system to the Federal Govt or something?

  2. I’ve only had positive experiences with Amazon and marketplace BUT I agree, it’s really hard to find out where to leave feedback. I’ve just spent 10 minutes looking and I’m giving up now. Shame, as I was going to be very complimentary about this particular seller,


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