Wizard Academy Graduate

I feel like Harry Potter, now that I’m an official wizard who finished the course based on the book, Call to Action by the Eisenbrothers behind Future Now. They provided insight into designing sites for conversion. I followed most of the course without a problem, it gets tricky when people ask questions or the presenter walk around to get closer to us lowly students.

Typically, I’m exhausted from a full day of training (no matter how good it is) before dinner time arrives, but amazingly enough, I remained alert the whole time. Being a lipreader drains your energy when you’re listening all day. Of course, I came home sick and now I’m playing catch up.

Roy Williams, Mr. Wizard, gave a superb presentation based on the book, Generations. The book takes a whole different look at generations and that the focus is on a period of time more than the year we were born. It came out in 1992 and already it’s been said to be on track for the years after its initial publication.

Williams added music and a couple of videos to drive the points home. It did not use media gratuitously. The media had a purpose.
Met some talented folks including Tim, Paul, and Charles. We also had the pleasure of listening to one of the Karmina singers (the other one was singing elsewhere).

Wizard Academy speakers are dynamic and full of energy. It’s impossible to get bored. I had dinner at The Salt Lick BBQ and it was delicious. I don’t say that very often about BBQ being from Dallas/Fort Worth where BBQ is great stuff. Also got treated to a tasty Tex Mex meal from Serrano’s. We also had Chinese for lunch, but I’ve blanked on the name (Out- something, I think, not your usual Chinese restaurant name).

The campus is unique. You feel like you’re at camp or at a ranch because of the rocky and dirt roads. The classroom in Tuscan Hall is more like … I can’t even find the right words to describe it. It has old style architecture yet perfect wi-fi 🙂 There’s a catwalk upstairs so you can go up and admire the pictures related to Don Quixote. Loved looking at the diversity of pictures — some had effects where you could see hidden objects.

Williams and past graduates contributed to the Chapel Dulcinea, which is a wedding chapel open for anyone to use at no cost. The design is awesome and it has a spectacular view of the Texas Hill Country. People wishing to marry there just have to find a two-hour slot and sign up for it. It even has a live cam, so you can watch weddings especially if you know someone getting married and can’t attend. It’s hard to see since the trees block the view.

I’m comfortable with public speaking, but being deaf with imperfect speech puts a damper on that. But if I were a regular speaker, I’d want to come across like the Head Wizards.

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