Rules and Resources for Puzzles, Card Games and Other Games

Bridge Is Cool teaches you how to play mini bridge and regular bridge. Paul and I learned to play bridge with our parents when we were first married and had more time on our hands. Since then, we’ve gotten busy with out children and other things plus our friends don’t know anything about playing bridge. … Read more

Selecting the Perfect Book Title did a study of book titles and determined what makes a good title. The company looked at every title of nonfiction and fiction books from 1955 to 2004 and analyzed what works. But of course, the title doesn’t guarantee failure or success since the analysis says The DaVinci Code is considered less likely to … Read more

Help Spread the Words

BookCrossing is an original concept and a labor of love with the slogan of “Help spread the words.” How it works: Register your books with BookCrossing, then give them to a friend, a charity, or otherwise releasing them “into the wild” and following their progress and travels. When I went on a cruise, they had … Read more