These 6 Reasons Will Make You Want to Caption Your Videos

Do you caption your videos? Why or why not? Let us know in comments.

World Health Organization reports that more than 5 percent of the world’s population is deaf or hard of hearing. [Source WHO]

And guess what.

The deaf and hard of hearing are not the main users of captions or subtitles! So captioning your videos helps more than just those who are deaf or hard of hearing like me.

Here are six reasons to caption your videos — and not one reason mentions accessibility or second language learners:

1. Not just for the deaf and HoH

80 percent of the people who use captions are not deaf or hard of hearing. [Source OfCom]

2. Search engine optimization

Need I say more? This applies videos that contain a text file — such as .SRT — with the captions. See What You Need to Know About Types of Captions for details.

3. Hard to understand the speaker

Sometimes other noises get in the way or the person may have an accent like I do.

4. Captures more viewers

Everyone has a different preference for how they like to watch videos.

Many people tell me they don’t have their sound on because they’re in an office or in public. Some watch with the sound on, but no captions. Or they use both captions and sound.

Either way, you’re giving people another way to watch the video allowing your video to have greater reach. This is another area where text captions have an advantage. People who prefer sound and no captions can keep captions turned off.

5. Helps viewer focus

In Why Gen Z Loves Closed-Captions, Lance Ulanoff discusses how Gen Z multitasks and captions lets them focus. This is especially true for people with ADHD and auditory processing disorders.

Gen Z can catch things they miss without going back. They also like captions because they can text while watching.

6. Increases overall brand awareness by almost 19%

Research from by AdColony and Millward Brown says captions increases brand awareness by almost 18.8 percent. A LinkedIn survey has found that marketers’ No. 2 priority is to build brand awareness, only 1 percent behind No.1, which is drive more leads.

3 C’s of Successful Videos

You can’t captivate people without capturing them and you can’t capture them without captions.

⭐️ Caption

⭐️ Capture

⭐️ Captivate

So caption your videos to capture more people and captivate them.

What other reasons to caption can you think of?

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