The Twitter Chat Lesson

Twitter chats entrenched me in conversations without losing track of the topic and reading everyone’s lips like a tennis match gone wrong. I understood every single person in the chat. I turned into the listener I’ve always wanted to be: focused and catching every word.Twitter
At the peak of my joining Twitter chats, I spent at least two hours per night on three or four evenings every week. Because I work on a computer all day and have a history of eye pain, the expected happened. Eyestrain and pain knocked me out of the chat game. After my eyes felt better, I had an “aha” moment and didn’t return to the chats.
I realized two things: the chats ate into family time and they didn’t lead to opportunities despite months of chatting, helping others and building deeper connections. One chat invited me to be a guest expert. Even though the opportunity came about because of chats, the appearance didn’t lead to anything.
Despite learning a lot and meeting talented folks, the time invested didn’t justify continuing. This taught me that social media is a great medium, but you still need to evaluate its effectiveness for you and your business. 10 minutes a day in Twitter is just as effective as one or two hours in a Twitter chat.
In those 10 minutes, I do all I can to help others and share useful resources while limiting self-promotion — typically no more than once per day.
How do add value to your business using Twitter?

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