Social Media: Too Many Choices

Wikis, social networks, blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, forums … we have more than enough tools to help grow our business, manage our projects, partner with clients, and build relationships. My business is a testament how these tools pay off. Most of my clients are located outside of Texas and I find them without making cold phone calls. This Lifehack article explores social media and which work well for what situation.
If you take one thing from this post, it’s this: It’s OK not to use every tool out there. Even the more popular ones.
Though I joined the Internet before it became a revolution and blogging before it went mainstream, the available tools overwhelm me as I’m sure it does for you. Eventually, I learned that I don’t have to do or have every new thing out there. We’ve reached the point where it’s time to pick and choose the best tools based on our needs.
For example, Twitter is the latest thing. I’ve seen it and decided not to get into it. I didn’t see much use for tracking conversations and what people are doing. Some people — like teams — have found innovative ways to use Twitter. The same applies to Second Life. But they typically require a lot of time investment.
The post mentions Flickr. Some of you may hate me for this or strongly disagree, but it’s my opinion. I think Flickr is overblown. I believe the average surfer can’t figure out how to use it and it consists mainly of designers, bloggers and people in that “crowd.”
You could point me to an average Joe using Flickr, but I don’t think Flickr is easy for the average person to use (at least, not when I first discovered it — I can’t judge now because I’m too familiar with it). However, the site continues to evolve and adds features. This could make it more usable or more confusing.
To make the problem worse, the Internet is full of free photo and media sharing communities. Others that provide more storage than Flickr for free. We have too many choices. I use a few of them for various purposes. It’s about needs and what tools meet those needs. What do you think?

1 thought on “Social Media: Too Many Choices”

  1. I use Flickr and I must admit I’ve had my problems uploading photos to it. I’m not alone in this. I mainly use it as a backup for my photos.

    As for other social media, from what I’ve read about Twitter, it probably isn’t for me and I haven’t gone there.

    A day could be easily consumed visiting every network etc if you decided to become part of many of them. I don’t have that time to waste to the detriment of my ‘real’ life.

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