iPod and MP3 Player Etiquette

I’ve been noticing this trend lately (thanks to teen daughter)… people keep their ears plugged in while talking to others. Even if the iPod is off (or maybe it isn’t), having earbuds in your ears during a conversation indicates the other person isn’t important.
This is where headphones have an advantage. Just pull them down around your neck when someone comes to talk to you. But really… how hard is it to pull out the earbuds?
This is a business issue as many work environments allow employees to listen to audio while working as long as they use headphones so they don’t disturb neighbors.
Whenever my coworkers or manager stopped by, I immediately pulled off my headphones even if I could hear them with the headphones on. It’s about perception not about hearing.
Being deaf, I have a habit of always looking at people when they talk and expecting them to look at me even when I’m talking. Can’t tell ya how many times my hubby would have eyes someplace else and ears open. I just can’t talk to him that way though he doesn’t need to look at me to listen.
It takes a moment to unplug the headphones and earbuds and send a positive message to the other person that you want to focus on what he has to say.