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Office DeskI’m a neat-aholic. When I enter a kid’s messy room, my mind overloads and my body stiffens. Though I’ve trained myself to accept a little messiness in my home, the exception to the rule is my office space.
My youngest occasionally came into my office to color, play with toys or do projects. That was fine with me as long as his stuff goes with him when he left the office.
The neatness thing carries over into my cyber space. I organize my documents and emails into folders and subfolders. It lets me find things quickly. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed by all the files in one folder. Searching is an option, but finding files in organized folders is faster.
I ran into a new problem. In backing up my files and accessing the backup from another device, I’d see two folders with the same name.
For example, I have a top level folder for Clients and a subfolder for Others. I have another top level folder for Contacts and a subfolder for Others. In running a search, Others pops up and it isn’t clear where the file I need lives.
In another case, I needed to backup two folders with the same name and they appear as top level folders in the backup system.
The trick. Add another keyword to separate the generic names, such as others-clients and others-contacts. Beware this won’t always be possible as several folders are system folders. At least, you’ll cut down the confusion.
What tips do you have for managing your documents? How do you organize your cyber properties?
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2 thoughts on “Get Organized: Folder Naming Tip”

  1. I agree with the overwhelming amount of files on one folder and arrange them in a similar way myself.
    As most of my work now is online I find it useful to use the drafts folder in my hotmail account as a note book. No more bits of paper with half formed ideas waiting to be plucked from the obscurity of my desk.


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