Four Reasons I Blog after Seven Years

I’m a one person business who has been blogging since June 1, 2000. At first, it was on a personal basis since blogging hadn’t found a way into business yet and I had just started freelancing on the side.
The blog slowly evolved into a business-focused one. Though there are thousands of blogs out there — why should I keep it up when readers’ times are spread thin and across so many? I do it for the following reasons:
1. I dipped into blogging before most people heard of it.
2. Build relationships — it’s a marketing and networking tool especially since I’m deaf and cold calling doesn’t work for me. More on this in another post – another day.
3. Good writing practice… since I’m a writer, I need to write often and a blog forces me to keep practicing because I know I need to update it at least three times a week — although lately, I feel like if I do it less than five days week, I’m not doing my job. Blogging helps me practice coming up with ideas of things to write about.
4. Keeps my site’s content fresh, which makes search engines happy and gives people a reason to come back from time to time. People are less likely to return to a static site.

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