10 Ways to Stay Positive

2007 has been a roller coaster of a year for my family with very high points and very low points. To avoid falling into the woe is me trap, I try to reflect on the positive and what’s gone right. Here are ten approaches I take in staying positive. Why ten? Because I believe there should be at least 10 positive comments for every negative comment.

  • Avoiding taking clients, friends, and family for granted.
  • Making improvements based on feedback, reading, mistakes, and education. Improvement can boost productivity and quality, which in turn boosts happiness.
  • Going the extra mile for clients, friends, and family.
  • Reading books that teach, make me laugh, or both.
  • Counting my blessings. While my dad might be in poor health, I’m grateful for my children’s good health.
  • Thanking people.
  • Stopping to enjoy little moments like watching my kids toss the ball to each other or my older son reading to my younger son.
  • Doing things I enjoy like playing tennis or computer games. If you enjoy watching TV, don’t let all those experts who say TV is bad stop you. I believe anything you enjoy is good for you as long as it’s not excessive.
  • Focusing on “What can I do?” instead of “Why?” thanks to QBQ!
  • Saying “No” to a project, assignment, program, or task when saying “Yes” will mean I’m in over my head. An overwhelmed person can lead to a negative attitude.

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