4 Things to Ask Your Customers

Three Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You Unless You Ask offers excellent advice to help you improve your business and relationship with your clients. Here are the three things from the Freelance Folder entry and I add a fourth because it ensures your business receives effective testimonials:

  1. Why Do You Enjoy Being My Customer?
  2. What Else Do You Wish My Business Did?
  3. Who Should You Tell About My Business?
  4. What has my services helped you achieve through [service provided]?

Item #3 feels awkward. It comes across more like a statement — “Go tell others about my business.” I suggest replacing “should” with “would” and see what happens. Maybe they will provide contacts or it’ll compel them to tell others on their own.

1 thought on “4 Things to Ask Your Customers”

  1. I think you made some interesting points about the way people need to deal with their customers. Especially as a designer, I think #3 is critical. I recently watched an interview between Fox and the president of Mindshare. In this interview they talked about how customers now a days, have so much power with who they talk to (good or bad). So although #3 would be awkward, it is important.


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