Thank You in E-mails

The previous post discussed the value of saying, “Thank you.” But it’s possible to overdo it especially when it comes to e-mail. “Here’s your weekly report.”
“Thank you,” said the reply.
Add up all the thank you e-mails for things like that and it makes for a cluttered inbox. Sometimes a thank you e-mail has another purpose — to confirm the recipient of the e-mail.
Perhaps, it’s best to leave confirmation for higher priority items or confirm with a co-worker in person. If you must send a short response or cofirmation, consider putting the info in the Subject of the e-mail followed by “[EOM]” to represent “End of Message” or [end]. This way you know it’s all in the Subject and you can quickly delete it or file it.
This looks like a small thing, but enough small habits can improve your e-mail experience.

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