Letting Things Go

Letting things go — what is done is done is a recurring theme this week. In today’s Early to Rise newsletter, Robert Ringer talks about Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, a book a read years ago as I’m a worrier (thanks, Grandma). Ringer writes that some of the book’s content are … Read more

Purple Haze

My daughter got a telescope for her birthday from her grandparents two years ago. Paul and I may forget things in the midst of the family craziness, but he manages to remember and follow through on astronomical-related events. Last night’s sighting is the most memorable as we got a threefer. Spent a bit of time … Read more


What happened to Webnouveau (webnouveau.net), the list of 800 CSS tableless Web sites? I didn’t see any announcements about it going down, but it has been replaced and and the domain bought by someone else. Update: Thanks to Jenett for getting the site’s creator name. The individual’s name is Donimo Shriver. Update #2: I’ve put … Read more

meryl.net Turns 3

Three years ago, I gave a forgettable URL name a more meaningful and shorter one. It started in 1993 with dgs.dgsys.com/~mevans, then it became rampages.onramp.net/~meryl. Couldn’t come up with cool name like many of you have. For once, I appreciated having an uncommon name even though no one can spell it or prounce it right … Read more

Five-Year Worry Test

I don’t know how, but one of my mom’s famous quotes is circulating in a mailing list. She does use the computer and emails, but she is not an Internet surfer except to check out things that her children suggest. This quote, by far, stands out the most of all of her Momisms. Growing up … Read more

StickyMinds on a Fable

Shame on me for not sharing this little secret with you much earlier. StickyMinds from STQE Publications is a resource for everything related to building better software. Here are tidbits from the latest issue: Reflections on “A Fable” is a follow up to last year’s “A Fable.” Parents will understand the similarities between getting a … Read more

Song About Usability Pro Jakob Nielsen

Didn’t feel like reporting on anything today and wanted to do something cheerful. Webreference reviewed usability pro Jakob Nielsen’s newest book, Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed and I got it in my head to do a song on him. Here’s what popped up. Apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice for messing with their … Read more