Business Blog Web Design Mistakes

With more companies adopting blogs, it’s no surprise Jakob Nielsen looks at the top ten blog usability design mistakes. Author biographies and photos should be a given for any business Web site as it lets people know there are humans behind the company. This is not limited to blogs. However, if the blogger doesn’t have … Read more

Lefties Make More Money

W00t! The Sunday Times reports that Left-handed people are higher earners. OK… so there’s a footnote that this doesn’t apply to females. But hey! Lots of people think I’m a guy, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? What great timing considering I’ve been on my own for over two months now with no safety … Read more

Disaster Recovery Plans and Other Articles

InformIT has many excellent articles this week and I believe they’re worth sharing. * Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan from a DBA perspective. . Another article on the same topic. Between 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, businesses need to take disaster recovery and business continuity planning seriously. Sadly, many didn’t learn from 9/11. * The Tipping … Read more

Wizard Academy Graduate

I feel like Harry Potter, now that I’m an official wizard who finished the course based on the book, Call to Action by the Eisenbrothers behind Future Now. They provided insight into designing sites for conversion. I followed most of the course without a problem, it gets tricky when people ask questions or the presenter … Read more

Process Methodologies

I’ve either been involved with or held a process-related role since 1994. It started in the government with TQM (Total Quality Management). Then before I left the government, I worked with ERWin and some process standard model—I’ve forgotten its official name. We had pages and pages of flows that were not easy to follow. In … Read more

Follow the Long Yellow Copy

At the end of the copy isn’t Oz or anyone singing about rainbows and bluebirds. I’ve been studying long copy and what makes it successful. Read Follow the Long Yellow Copy. Having blogged for over four years, I’ve watched blogging grow and change. Blogging tools can do a lot for a business. Like everything in … Read more

What Does Email Silence Mean?

Ilise Benun, author of Designing Websites for Every Audience, has been talking about “What does the silence mean?” in her Quick Online Marketing Tips newsletter. This is an issue I have grappled with many times especially since I rely on email as a primary means of communication rather than the phone because of my hearing … Read more