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The Game ZenI thought it was time to break out the games portion of my site and send it out on its own. This site’s main blog content focuses on business, marketing, writing, and technology. Though games technically (pun intended) fall under technology, it worried me that it would bother some readers to have it blended.
I tried to keep the content separate, but I noticed the game’s content was showing up in the email feed. The two parts of the site attract different audiences.
To celebrate the official launch, I’m collecting prizes to give away to you and your friends. How big will this be? Well, when I celebrated my blog’s 8th birthday in June 2008, I collected over $5000 worth of prizes and jumped out of a plane as a thank you.
No plane jump this time (hey, I’ve had enough injuries for 2008 to last me a couple of years). Anyway, if you would like to be a sponsor, you can count on link backs to your web site from this blog, the new site, twitter, and everyone who helps spread the word.
To Sponsor
To sponsor a prize please email me (merylk [AT] game DOT] com) with the prize you generously wish to donate along with a link to your web site so I can link back and the value in $ of your prize. Here’s the 8th birthday bash final list of prizes if you need ideas.
Hold on to your codes or whatever you’re donating — we’ll work it all out later.
Excited? You betcha!
Wanna peak? Wanna give feedback? It’s all happening at

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