Windows Error Reporting Part 2

Previously, I provided an overview of Windows Error Reporting. Someone wrote and said he never received resolutions to his problems when submitting an error report. I don’t know if this happened to him or not, but it may not be obvious that Microsoft is providing a possible solution.completed error reporting window
I got an error after writing this report and submitted it to Microsoft. After it finished, the following window appeared. Click on “more information” to get details about the problem and a possible solution. When I clicked on it, it takes me to the Microsoft Online Analysis Web page and provides the following information.more info page
Clicking on “Word Quits…” takes me to a knowledgebase article for details. Some problems probably have multiple possible solutions and there would be a bulleted list of other knowledgebase articles.
Maybe instead of “more information,” it would be better for the link to say, “More information and possible resolution.” “More information” might lead people to believe it’s tech speak about the problem and people don’t have time or interest to read that, so they close the box instead of clicking on it to see what is really behind the link. I’ve been guilty of that before.

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  1. I have submitted many, many MS error reports and I have yet to receive the message “Thank you for taking the time to report …. etc.”

    I have, and continue to use WIN98SE, although I don’t know whether this has any impact on my not receiving anything back.

    Jim Scott

  2. I usually submit the error reports — I don’t send repeats on the same day if I keep making the same mistake.

    I have received two useful feedback alerts — one about an ATI display driver needing to be updated and the other about a CD/DVD media driver needing to be updated. A hotlink to an appropriate site was provided in each feedback alert.

    I updated and haven’t had the problem reoccur.

    Overal I’ve satisfied that Microsoft is providing a useful service.

  3. Hello dear Meryl,
    I have a somewhat related problem. I believe it started after installing WinXP-SP2. Now when I get an error (which I sometimes do when rt. clicking on a shortcut in the program menu, in order to delete it, why is that?), I get a complete freeze up whether I choose to “send an error report” or not. The cause is that “Dr. Watson” seems to crash, and can be terminated only from Windows Task Manager, where I see 2 instances of it, – both disappear when I terminate one of them. I think one is not terminated properly and completely before another starts.
    As far as I can tell Dr. Watson was not automatically started on errors before installation of SP2.
    Is there a way to prevent Dr. Watson from automatically starting when an error occures?
    Or completely preventing the start of the error reporting routine?
    Please also reply directly if possible.
    Thanks very much for your attention and help.

  4. I sent my First report after an update error in last week and got a substantial personal reply as well as the Online Assistance facilty had a posting. The technician requested a followup response which I have done. My own successful solution wasn’t in his list of suggestions so perhaps I have made an addition to his ‘list’
    The only reason I sent the report is after the Sp2 update I figured they needed input. The update newsgroups are loaded with ‘error’ messages following the install of sp2.
    Previous to this revision reporting and using the MS resources the status had gone from poor to bad so the newsgroups had become a better resource.Essentially, I have stopped using the KB service since searching it and getting a result has been tedious.Its nice to see that its getting a reorganization.

  5. The more information window only shows when a MSKB article seems appropriate or close which in my experience is rare…
    so it was good you pointed it out for those who never seen or noticed it…
    still its value is on the low side due to the infrequency of a hit and the further decreasing likelihood that the MSKB article is actually applicable.

  6. Virtually every report I’ve submitted has returned with a statement that, in essense, says, “…we have yet to encounter such a problem. No further info is available…”

    Surely I must have run in to 1 or 2 that the rest of the world has(?)

    Peace to all who cross this path,

    Ken Collier
    Collier Communications
    135 Maplewood Ave
    Syracuse NY 13205-3111
    Phone: 315-469-2015 10am-10pm

  7. I’m so tired of

    i just want you guys to tell me how to turn this error report off this don’t make no sense on how many i get and i still don’t know why


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