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Last week, I spent way too much time surfing blogs for inspiration and referencing. Sometimes, I come up with blog topics with ease and save them. Other times, blank. I do have saved unpublished entries for later posting. After not finding something to blog about, I grabbed the another entry from the unpublished bank.
I try to be aware of my work especially when solving a problem and then make note of it to share it in a future blog entry. But haven’t had many ah-ha or “worth sharing” moments. Even as I work on planning a major family event, I think about the roadblocks and the “what worked wells.” I found a few, but they’re more suitable for the Bionic Ear Blog and not this one.
I think about working with clients and building relationships through online networking. I think about my experiences as a customer. But the fact is — no matter what — you’ll have moments when nothing inspires a blog entry. After six-plus years of blogging, I’ve gotten better at coming up with ideas.
Just like athletes have an off-day, bloggers can have off-days, too… although I wonder if the frequent posters (more than once a day) ever get stuck and what they do when it happens. This doesn’t apply to blogs with multiple contributors although some do require their bloggers post a certain number of entries per week. Those popular bloggers also get suggestions from readers as I do get one from time to time mostly for the Bionic Ear Blog.
I emailed a few bloggers asking about their experiences with blogger’s block. Only one replied and asked not to be quoted. Is there something shameful about having blogger’s or writer’s block? I don’t think so. We all have bad hair days, bad work days, bad people days … nothing to be ashamed of.

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  1. For the exact same reason, in addition to days when I really don’t feel like or motivated to write (yes, that happens regardless of how I love to write), I tend to dig up a previously finished or unfinished posting and either get it published or work on it.

    I personally find that dabbling a bit on one idea and then a bit on another topic depending on my whim can be helpful for me. Sometimes I get inspired to write about a topic and sometimes just putting the title of it is enough so that at least I’ve got an idea for a future posting. When I feel like it, or during off times, I do go back to these unfinished postings and start writing. Normally, I don’t finish an entire posting in one sitting but rather over several sittings. For me, this keeps things fresh and not so boring and monotonous. And of course, if I get an idea, I can then put it down. That’s normally how I write my postings. They’re usually unfinished with contributions done at odd days and times, which eventually gets done.

    Sometimes, just getting out of the house and doing something else and away from the computer can help me get inspired to write again.

    Not really a solution, but this is what works for me.


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