Using Apostrophes

We’ve discussed apostrophes many times here, and we’re not going to stop anytime soon as long as the abuse continues. WikiHow’s How to Use Apostrophes mentions the frequent use of “photo’s” and it’s true. I know a few PTA parents who add an apostrophe in photos. I don’t understand why. It’s not as if it looks weird like saying your child gets straight A’s. Never been a fan of A’s, B’s, C’s… but As can be hard to distinguish.
Ew. Is anyone bothered by this recommendation? “Similarly, apostrophes can be used when talking about a word (e.g., this list contains a lot of do’s and don’t’s) but quotation marks can make it clearer (“do”s and “don’t”s).” I think the use of “” looks worse than without it. Typically I use “dos and don’ts.” The adding of an “s” to indicate a plural on a one or two letter word looks awkward, but “do”s is horrific. Other than that nitpick, the article contains helpful advice.
Be careful when using here’s especially when you’re referring to more than one item. Here’s does not represent “Here are…” I’ve been guilty of this one — habit!

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