Logitech Customer Service

Logitech, known as the retailer for mice and keyboards, set a great example of customer service. I bought a Bluetooth headphone set for my MP3 player since it was a good deal. But alas, when it arrived, I learned that it didn’t work with my specific MP3 player. I contacted Logitech about this and the company responded within 24 hours most of the time.
The company couldn’t provide a refund. Most companies would stop there and say, “Sorry… no can do.” But not Logitech. The company offered to send me a replacement that works with my MP3 player if I sent back the one I had. Deal!
This experience is the opposite of one I had with a company through an eBay transaction. The company has a web site, but also sells on eBay (like many others do). When I won the auction, I didn’t know it was the same company until exchanging emails — but I had never bought anything from its web-based store. The irony is that I discovered the web site shortly before the auction.
I received the item I won and about one-fourth of its screen was dead. According to the auction description, the device was in good working order and dead pixels aren’t defined as “good.” So I emailed them since the company accepted returns if you contact them within 48 hours of receiving the item.
The response time was horrendous. I emailed on October 25 explaining the problem with the device and requested a refund. The company responded the next day and said, “This item was tested and found to be in working condition without any defects to the screen.”
Totally ignored my email. Treating me like it was my fault. I wrote back and explained further. Again, the company replied the next day, “It doesn’t display 1/4 of the screen?” Hello? The responses were prolonging the resolution. I clearly explained how it looked and even sent a photo showing the problem. And got this response.
I didn’t get another reply for almost a week. The company opened a dispute ticket on eBay and its email again made it sound like I was at fault, a bad buyer. After all the exchanging, problem resolved, money returned and no negative feedback (whew).

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