Karyn Guerrero

I first encountered Meryl’s captivating presentation on accessibility for marketers at a recent American Marketing Association (AMA) conference. I was so impressed to realize that accessibility can be transformed from a legal obligation to a strategic business advantage. Afterward, I googled her and discovered she even has a TED Talk on the topic.

Meryl brings a unique perspective to the subject of marketing accessibility because she was born deaf, which helps her empathize with others who experience content created for mainstream audiences through different challenges. Her 20-plus-year career also includes more than five years as a trainer and speaker on accessibility and inclusion for well-known brands like Progressive and PwC.

This insight to the client side equips her with an understanding of the difficulties that many marketers face, such as not realizing the need to plan for accessibility before undertaking a campaign, or assuaging leadership concerns about additional budgetary requirements. Meryl incorporates solutions into her presentations but the best one of all is education. Marketers and leaders who are aware of these needs in advance can address them in the project planning phase, minimizing required resources.

Meryl’s presentations are memorable for several reasons:

  • Education & Entertainment: She blends knowledge sharing with audience engagement, which enhances memorability and ensures that attendees retain key takeaways better.
  • Actionable Insights: Meryl equips her audiences with practical strategies to achieve accessibility goals.
  • Third-Party Credibility: She backs up her messages with third-party data, which helps marketing teams earn authority and engender trust from their own business leaders.

I highly recommend Meryl Evans as a speaker, whether for conferences or internal company functions, because her mission aligns with what’s right for society as well as what’s legally required of anyone marketing to audiences. I also recommend her because of her compelling delivery, which makes her messages memorable long after the presentation has ended.

John Neumann, PhD, Assoc. Professor at University of Texas at Austin

In short, Meryl is much more than an advocate for Accessibility and the Deaf Community. She’s thoughtful and smart, and she brings a lot of good energy wherever she goes. Also, every time I’ve had any engagement with Meryl, she’s been 100% reliable and prepared. She’s a pro! I strongly recommend working and collaborating with Meryl Evans and sincerely hope you get a chance to meet her along your professional journey.

Lorraine Sturgeon, Online Learning Accessibility Coordinator at KCTCS

Nicole Ward at Dallas Regional Chamber

Haley Penrod, CPACC

Allison Lindfors, Assistant Brand Manager at Edrington

I had the pleasure of hosting Meryl as a speaker for an all-company meeting where we had a fireside chat discussing DE&I with a focus on Disabilities in the workplace. Meryl was a pleasure to work with, communicating seamlessly to establish our questions and presentation beforehand and pulling off a very engaging presentation that received amazing feedback from the company & was a highlight of the week’s presentations. Meryl also helped consult to make sure we were meeting inclusivity standards for our conference and as a result, we were able to establish captioning services for all of our presentations – A win not just for those hard of hearing, but also those visiting from other countries and with accents – and a great example of the “curb-cut effect” Meryl shared with us. I would highly recommend working with Meryl as a speaker to engage and advance disability awareness and inclusion as well as on a consulting basis. Overall just a lovely human to work with.

Pam Mayer, Product Accessibility Specialist Manager at Workday

Meryl spoke at Workday’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) in May 2023. Her talk was one of the highlights of the multi-day event and wove together honesty, humor, and empathy to share her unique perspective and experience. She punctuated her talk with real-life examples of digital accessibility – and the trouble it causes when missing. She ended with the rallying cry, “Progress over Perfection!” to acknowledge none of us is perfect and we’re all on this journey together. I’d highly recommend her as a speaker at your next event. Her message has a way of staying with you and encouraging change in its wake.

Jeff Adams, CPACC, Accessibility Operations Director

I’ve followed Meryl for a number of years now and I love reading her posts and attending opportunities to hear her speak. Even though I’m well versed in web accessibility and discuss it daily in multiple aspects of my life, Meryl’s got a terrific way of presenting information that gives me new ways to think about topics.

Two great recent examples:

  1. Talking about “progress over perfection” not necessarily being a straight, forward line…progress can be forwards, sideways, and sometimes even backwards.
  2. Using a baking analogy to help people understand using accessibility guidelines (aka a recipe) to achieve minimum conformance, but to become a more master baker, you have to level up your skills. Everyone who has an interest in web accessibility–whether your a pro or just starting out–should follow her and take advantage of the great content she’s offers.

Sharron Rush, Executive Director at Knowbility

Gail Fuller, Program and Communications Executive, Disability & Philanthropy Forum

Jayde Malam, CPACC

Sharon Joles, MBA, CPACC Process Analyst Consultant — Accessibility, Progressive

Meryl presented to our internal employees on the importance of Progress over Perfection when it comes to accessibility. Her wit and knowledge were a breath of fresh air in an area that can be difficult to navigate, and she left our participants with usable knowledge to take forward in their daily work.

Avisha Sanassie, DEI Program Associate Flatiron Health

Paulo O’Campo, Regional CS L&D Manager, Netflix

John McCall, Sr. Database Reliability Engineer at Flatiron Health

Stephen Duke, DEI Specialist, WP Engine

David Vogelpohl, VP Growth, WP Engine

Arpitha Shetty, Director, Accessibility and Inclusive Design, PwC

Laura Ayres, PM Privacy and Compliance, Tubi

Samrawit Biyazin, Digital Accessibility Senior Assoc, PwC

Such a great difference maker! The presentation was very impactful and powerful. It’s been a privilege to work with you and hope others get a chance to involve you in their effort to drive Accessibility.

Ida Jackson Woods, AVP, Chief Diversity Officer, ETS

Vish Annampedu, Principal SERDES Systems Architect, NVIDIA


John Sweet, CPACC, Sr. Director Accessibility and Technology Compliance at Pluto TV

I know Meryl not only as an influential advocate and speaker, but also as a personable and capable partner in business. She has provided my organization with valuable feedback from the perspective of a person with hearing loss that has helped us to improve our product and services. Additionally, Meryl has helped me to better understand how to use education and training to shift company culture towards inclusion and empathy.

Meryl: Would recommend, 5 stars, certified fresh!

Gina Meier, Director of Human Resources, PCMA

Thomas Logan, founder and CEO of Equal Entry

Meryl came into my company and took control of our social media process recently. Immediately (within one month) we saw a 30% increase in traffic. Meryl has that communication factor that demonstrates she totally understands and connects with the social media world that we all work in. We are so happy to work with her now and will continue to work with her in the future!

Lori Samuels, NBCUniversal Media, LLC Accessibility Director

Meryl is just an incredible fountain of knowledge regarding accessibility, closed captioning, and social media platforms. Meryl was kind enough to spend time with a group of us at NBCUniversal to share her perspectives on the factors that go into the quality of closed captions in both broadcast and streaming video. It was an incredibly impactful learning session for everyone. She’s also been my go-to source for best practices and tips to make social media accessible to everyone. I highly recommend Meryl as a digital marketing and accessibility expert!

George Tatar, CEO at Akruto, Inc.

I was fortunate to work with Meryl for several years on blogs and social media for my company. Meryl went above and beyond in every aspect of her work. Meryl’s writing is well researched, always targeted to the right audience and, importantly, interesting to read. Meryl has always been proactive to maintain an open communication and to make sure we achieve all our previously set goals and objectives. She even shared creative business ideas well beyond blogs and social media. I highly recommend working with Meryl.

Kyle Thompson, owner, Big Fish Consulting

I’ve been through at least a dozen writers prior to finding Meryl.She’s the only one we use now and my entire team loves workingwith her. She writes for a variety of clients across multiple topics. Inhundreds of pieces, I’ve had zero complaints from my clients. Her lightning fast turn around helps me stand out.

Karla Quick, director of clinical marketing

Working with Meryl Evans was always such a great experience. She has this innate ability to promote whatever it is you’re trying to do/sell/share. Her language is always professional and comes across very natural. She helped our company grow our social platforms and did it with such ease! She helped us connect with physicians and potential patients, all while ensuring our messaging was clear and inviting! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Meryl and her collaborative approach to the success of our company.

Fred Diamond, president and co-founder, IES

Meryl has helped grow my organization, the Institute for Excellence in Sales, by effectively positioning it on multiple social media properties most notably LinkedIn and Twitter. She’s very attuned to getting attention on those properties and is also very proactive in helping her clients post frequently and optimally. She also has brought many fresh ideas to our organization, helping us achieve attention from prospects and new partners we didn’t know even existed! We made a great decision hiring her to help us.

Jillian Fortin, communications director, Knowbility

Meryl is whip-smart, highly energetic, and incredibly captivating speaker and advocate. We invited Meryl to speak at our annual accessibility conference in 2019, and our attendees loved her so much, we had to invite her back for 2020! Meryl really takes the time to really get to know her audience and assess what their needs are, which helps ensure that she delivers relevant and helpful content each and every time. I loved working with Meryl and look forward to working with her again!

Stine Holmgaard, CEO, A.Miroe

I had the pleasure of hosting Meryl as a panelist and speaker for the Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020. During preparation for this online event, Meryl proved herself to be an incredibly helpful and thoughtful professional. She was also very well prepared for the presentation and her eloquence and insights at the event contributed to a relevant and valuable event for the participants as well as fellow panelists and speakers. I give Meryl my warmest recommendations.

Jeffrey Zeldman, author, founder, and publisher

Meryl Evans is a seasoned Internet professional and, dare I say it, unicorn, with a gift for social strategies and fluent, natural-sounding copy/editorial/SEO that advance her clients’s business interests and help them connect more deeply with their customers. I’ve known Meryl since the mid-1990s, when she was already an experienced web consultant and gifted writer. Her insightful early articles for my magazine, A List Apart, helped chart its course and establish it as one of the more thoughtful web design and development publications (which I hope it still is).

Frank R. Sobyak, founder, Dealership Partners

Meryl is a recommended and an endorsed resource for timely, relevant, and actionable content creation. We’ve worked together and I’ve recommended her to many colleagues over the past 15 years. Most recently she supported our digital marketing team at Park Place Dealerships with the creation of new model year overviews for over a dozen automotive manufacturer brands.

Meryl is always interested in a positive outcome, and in delivering an exceptional result. And, she will recommend improvements or enhancements as opportunities for them arise. For this she is a trusted advisor.

She always delivers good work on time that meets objectives, while at the same time providing exceptional value. For this, she is a reliable and viable resource.

Meryl will delve into your brand to help promote it in a way that engages the reader and is creative as she weaves together her storyline. For this, I find Meryl to have great enthusiasm and creativity.

Plus, she understands search engine optimization and can craft content that ranks for keywords that will drive clicks, views, and shares. Bottom line, great person who delivers a great product at a great value.

Sara Oblak Speicher, founder and president

I have to say that working with Meryl has been one of the best experiences one can ask for! She is an excellent communicator (although we only use email), very clear on what is expected and she is always two steps ahead in the process, pointing out potential setbacks before they even occur.

Meryl has been highly recommended by another client and now I know why! The value she adds to my business and my clients with her writing and editing expertise is impossible to express with words (unless you’re a content maven like Meryl is). Most importantly, she’s very personable and responsive, and her attention to detail is remarkable. Thank you, Meryl, for all that you do!

Ann Fields

I highly recommend Meryl Evans as a professional writer and content maven. I worked for several years with Meryl in the telecommunications field. She was an analyst in the Process department and she served on many key projects with much success.

As an analyst, she was responsible for the creation of technical requirements documents, test plans, and process flow charts. She facilitated cross-functional conference calls and hosted team meetings to initiate and execute key work initiatives. Meryl has many strong skills that are applicable to any industry. She has a keen attention to detail, a thirst for all things technical, an analytical mind for design, and a commitment to meeting deadlines.

Plus, Meryl has strong interpersonal and negotiation skills…and a great sense of humor! Needless to say, her writing skills and technical knowledge far exceed the average. Again, I sincerely vouch for Meryl’s professional skills and abilities and would welcome any opportunity to speak on her behalf.

Tracy Haver, Sr. Tech Team Lead, SBC (AT&T)

I worked with Meryl for a number of years at SBC. I appreciated her professionalism and valued her work products. As a peer, I utilized the documentation she created, and I always found it to be accurate and of high quality. Meryl is a valuable professional with excellent communication skills, creativity, and polish. I recommend Meryl highly.

Sue Lemm PMP®

Meryl provides an awesome menu of digital marketing to helpfirms. The thoroughness of Meryl’s work is what reallyimpressed me – quick turnaround, corrections and in addition – sheprovides the Why behind the suggestions that really open up theconversation. Loved the process!

Heidi Medina, business coach/LinkedIn trainer and mentor

Meryl is a firecracker who knows how to get what she wants out oflife and she KNOWS what she’s doing. If you’re looking forsomeone to help with your digital marketing and content writing,then you want Meryl helping you out. She’s professional, shows up, and gets the job done.

Louisa van Vessem, owner, Workflow Virtual

Meryl is inspirational, she’s had such a positive influence on theworld of LinkedIn. She’s transformed the way people think aboutvideos, making them realise the importance of captions and how touse them effectively. Her approach and the way she articulates hermessage demonstrates how awesome she is at what she does.

Debbie Weil, founder and author

In addition to being an accomplished writer herself, Meryl is a researcher supreme if you need someone knowledgeable about all things. She is fast, responsive and always ‘gets it’ with a minimum of communication. I recommend her services highly. She is a pleasure to work with.

Nate Hoppe, editor

Meryl Evans has been an outstanding freelancer for PC Today Magazine. Her understanding of mobile technology has made her one of our go-to writers. Not only that, she’s extremely prompt and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with her.

Nick Finck

Meryl Evans is the hardest working Managing Editor I have met. She is very proficient at her job and always meets if not exceeds my expectations. If I needed to hire a freelance editor, I would hire Meryl before anyone else.

Molly Holzschlag, author

Meryl K. Evans is not only a great editor and writer, her love for the Web and its denizens is apparent in all her activities. Whether keeping up with design and development issues via her own blog or other venues, Meryl is a leading voice in the cry for sensible, contemporary, and standards-based design.

Judy Schramm, CEO, ProResource, Inc.

It is a delight to work with Meryl. She delivers high quality work with great turnaround. I recommend her highly!

Todd Marks, author

Meryl’s thoroughness and attention to detail have been key ingredients to the success of the book projects that we have worked on.

David Strom, writer and speaker

Meryl is a joy to work with, whip smart, delivers her work on time and exceeds expectations, and is a great all-around person too! She has written several articles for a new Web site and takes pride in her work. I highly recommend her for this type of work. She truly is a content maven.

Top qualities: Great results, good value, on time.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

I have a good stable [of contributors] — but not as many true writers who also know marketing, which is where I’d put Meryl.

Bill Moore, CEO, Zello

Your work is super and you are responsive and dependable. I wish we could clone you. Meryl is also talented, fast, smart, reliable, a good communicator, and honest. A precious combination.

Steve Kayser, marketing and media relations pro

When I think of “professional writer,” I think of Meryl.
When I think of “personable” writer I think of Meryl.
When I think of a “Git’er Done” writer, I think of Meryl.
When I think of a truly caring and sharing person, in business and life, I think of Meryl.
And … When I think “it doesn’t get much better than that,” I think of Meryl.