Viking's Stationery Movies Puzzle

Taking a page from M&Ms Dark’s movie puzzle, Viking’s Stationery Movies contains 10 movies for you to guess. Only instead of a painting, it uses office supplies to depict the movies. I got 10 of 20. The ones I missed — I don’t think I could’ve gotten because I was either not familiar with the movie’s scenes or never saw the movie. Even if you heard of the movie, it most likely won’t help you in this one.
Since I like to figure out things with hints before getting the answer, I’ve provided hints here. To see them, you’ll have to scroll your mouse over the text below or do a Select All (CTRL+A). Here’s another fun link where Fido reads your mind. Can’t imagine the math calculations that go into this to make it work.

1. Weaver
2. Grant
3. Burton
4. Think famous saying.
5. Third of three movies.
6. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
7. Buddy Ebsen was supposed to be in the movie, but an allergic reaction kept him out. Make sure you include the short word that comes first or it won’t accept it.
8. I never saw this movie, but I managed to figure it out. “Lost River Lake.”
9. Committing the perfect crime. No animals in this movie.
10. Star of this one was also the star of the movie that has its own new reality show.
11. Tippie.
12. Three months ago.
13. Haunted hotel.
14. Ahh-nold.
15. Guy in this doesn’t have a limp.
16. Rock ‘n roll. Turn up the volume. Louder!
17. I thought this #6 represented this one better.
18. I thought this was the easiest because the image depicts the ads/movie poster.
19. Character.
20. Does this really need a hint?

Answers: I included notes in case you weren’t familiar with the movie.

1. Alien. Scene where alien jumps out of stomach is famous.
2. Bridget Jones’s Diary (I think this would’ve been good for Memento.
3. Edward Scissorhands
4. ET. You know, “E.T., phone home?”
5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Movie scene.
6. Jaws: Movie scene.
7. The Wizard of Oz: The yellow brick road… follow it.
8. Piranha: Just a bunch of fish in the water.
9. Reservoir Dogs: I believe it refers to Mr. Yellow and other characters.
10. Saturday Night Fever: Dance floor and pointy finger.
11. The Birds: Just a bunch of birds everywhere.
12. The Hunt for Red October: Tape dispenser represents submarine.
13. The Shining: Movie scene.
14. The Terminator: Person made out of metal.
15. The Usual Suspects: Movie ads/posters with suspects against wall.
16. This is Spinal Tap: The band went on and on about making the speakers louder as most volume controls only go up to 10. They also say, “Up to 11.”
17. Titanic: Gigantic thing.
18. American Beauty: Appeared in movie posters/ads.
19. Moonraker: Jaws was in two James Bond movies, so it was a matter of guessing which.
20. Star Wars: Darth Vader with lightsaber.

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