Lessons from Clients in 2006

In working with clients, I aim to make business as easy as possible on them. I don’t want to add another hurdle or challenge as they have plenty to keep them busy. While I provide them with a service, I’ve picked up a few great tips from working with them.
Hank Stroll of InternetVIZ gave me the spine and courage to speak up about anything, touchy or not. I developed a habit of not speaking up when I worked in the corporate world as I learned that it didn’t make a difference. Not so with Hank.
Jenna Glatzer of AbsoluteWrite continuously offered important insight and tips on how to be a better writer and on the business of writing. She also showed it’s possible to change your direction as a writer as she started out with screenwriting and has since done non-fiction including Celine Dion’s biography..
Debbie Weil taught me that you can have fun with your content and work, and still have others view you as intelligent and professional. She also confirmed that sometimes you click with the work and sometimes you don’t, and that’s OK.
Blue Flavor showed that a business can succeed when straying from the traditional route. You don’t have to do what everyone else does.
Nate Hoppe and Cal Clinchard of PC Today reinforced the value of style guides and following them. It makes life easier on the editors.
Robin Good provided great advice to improve my online writing. I’m in awe of how much content he publishes on his network.
Christopher Schmitt helped me finally wrap my brain around the CSS box model.
The folks behind InformIT showed it’s possible to face a challenging situation and overcome it for the better.
Anthony Davidson of New York University proved that a university can provide a superb online master’s education to help its students succeed and advance in their careers. He also taught me the intricacies of a research paper and what it takes to write a good one.
Neil Lichtman of Marketing4Profit educated me that sometimes a client won’t take the recommended route, no matter how much information you provide. Sometimes a client is passionate enough to succeed in going in a different direction.
getAbstract helped me learn how to communicate the most important information, whether it be explaining a 200+ paged book in five pages or an article in one paragraph.
I’m blessed that these wonderful people have taught me a lot and trust me with their content. Thank you to my clients, friends and readers especially those who take the time to leave comments always enlighten me and broaden my thinking. I hope 2007 is full of great content for everyone.

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