Business to Business Blogging

It’s no surprise that blogs are catching on with B2Bs (business-to-business). BtoBOnline confirms it by referencing a Knowledgestorm and Universal McCann survey.

“Blogs are the perfect forum for business and IT professionals — readers want to hear about a company or a product from ‘someone like them,'” says Matt Lohman, director of market research, KnowledgeStorm. “And technology buyers seem to be more than happy to pass along relevant information from blogs — 70% of survey respondents recommend or pass along content from blogs at least once a month.”

What Are the Benefits of Business Blogging?

No one can argue the benefits of business blogging especially when it helps with the following:

  • Credibility and expertise: Thoughts do the talking.
  • Becoming part of something big: Blogosphere and networking.
  • Updating the site more often than if it had no blog.
  • Easy way to gain word of mouth (mouse) considering 70% recommend or share content from a blog.

Tweaking the B2B Blog

I’ve been installing blogs for Professional Services Journal and another BtoB web site. In working with the publisher, he asked me to change the terminology of coming blogging terms:

  • Comment: “Post a comment or read other comments”
  • Trackback: “Other sites referring to entry”
  • Tags: “Related Topics”
  • Removing permalink and other entry footer items from individual entry pages so the only thing that appears is a comment.

These go against the standards us long-time bloggers have taken for granted. My publisher has a good point though. Blogs are new to BtoBs, but I told him that they may be new in the BtoB arena… there could be BtoB bloggers or readers who have been reading blogs for a long time.

Besides, I remember a few folks tried to rename RSS and got more complaints than support. So I wondered if the same thing would happen if we tried to change the names to something more understandable. Are the standards said and done? Or should BtoB blogs take a different approach?

In setting up these BtoB blogs, we’ve taken an approach to turn the blog into a website slash blog rather than a pure blog approach. PSJ’s blog matches the newsletter which it’s based on and adds a few bloggy components including subscribe, archives, categories, related topics (tags), and comments.

Are we off the mark and asking for trouble in modifying the verbiage? Or could we be taking a step toward change to things others have taken for granted?