StickyMinds on a Fable

Shame on me for not sharing this little secret with you much earlier. StickyMinds from STQE Publications is a resource for everything related to building better software. Here are tidbits from the latest issue: Reflections on “A Fable” is a follow up to last year’s “A Fable.” Parents will understand the similarities between getting a … Read more


Ever since intro of Wayback Machine made news everywhere… It feels like we’re experiencing a flashes from the past each day. Not only do we get a 50th anniversary celebration of “I Love Lucy,” but also we get Michael Jackson in a 30th anniversary TV deal. I still say the gloved one was at his … Read more

Song About Usability Pro Jakob Nielsen

Didn’t feel like reporting on anything today and wanted to do something cheerful. Webreference reviewed usability pro Jakob Nielsen’s newest book, Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed and I got it in my head to do a song on him. Here’s what popped up. Apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice for messing with their … Read more

Try to do something creative

Try to do something creative and it blows up in your face. Update on June 14, 2010: This post is hilarious. It has gotten a lot of attention … I was going to delete it, but then I thought: You know what? Let’s give folks they want. I hope this helps! 35 Ideas to Do … Read more

This is my first blogger

This is my first blogger posting. I’ve decided to take the plunge so I can somehow keep my web site regularly updated and embarrass myself by displaying how small my mind is compared to bloggers out there in the world like Jason Kottke or Steve Champeon. Oy, now I have to find the time to … Read more