Eddie Traversa: Author, DHTML Guru, and SVG Expert

Eddie Traversa is an author, Web consultant, and DHTML, and SVG guru. His book, “Dynamic XHTML Developers Guide” is a joint project he worked on with Jeff Rouyer of HTMLguru.com fame. ContentsFor those who are new to SVG, what is it?How does it compare to Java? Flash?Other than the Adobe Plug-in, what other tools does … Read more

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It enables you to exchange files between two computers connected to the Internet. Typically when using FTP, one of these computers is your local computer (the one on your desk), and the other computer is one specifically designed to store files for people to access through the Internet. This … Read more

Five-Year Worry Test

I don’t know how, but one of my mom’s famous quotes is circulating in a mailing list. She does use the computer and emails, but she is not an Internet surfer except to check out things that her children suggest. This quote, by far, stands out the most of all of her Momisms. Growing up … Read more

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman: Designer, Author, Visionary, and Speaker Jeffrey Zeldman is an outspoken web designer, author, and speaker. His book, Taking Your Talent to the Web has received high accolades. Zeldman is the publisher and creative director of A List Apart, co-founder and current group leader of The Web Standards Project, a grassroots coalition fighting for … Read more

E-Writing: 21st Century Tools for Effective Communication

Dianna Booher, communications expert and author of over 40 books shares her expertise in her latest book on E-Writing. She focuses on how to improve the quality of business and personal communications. Booher offers advice to fix where it hurts in electronic communication whether it is writing emails, responding to customer service inquiries, or writing … Read more

Bee Season

This was a most unusual book telling the story of a family of four on a quest for God, order, or something that makes sense. Eliza, the nine-year-old daughter is looking to achieve something extraordinary to catch her parents’ attention. Aaron, the nerdy, teen son is looking to get closer to God. Miriam, the mother … Read more

Let Us Blog

Was inspired by Little Blogger Boy, so I mangled “Let it Snow” since we don’t get snow in Texas at Christmas time. It comes at weird times like March. Apologies to Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, the composers of the original. Let Us Blog Oh the weather outside is frightful But the monitor is so … Read more