Annual Jigsaw Puzzle 2006

Somewhere I mentioned that it was family tradition to do jigsaw puzzles and play board games on Christmas. I didn’t think I’d get to do a puzzle, but I pulled it off with help from Paul and my two young’uns. I made sure I picked one with 500 pieces instead of 1000 to ensure we could get it done in one day.
Working on puzzle
I chose the Thomas McKnight puzzle based on the artist’s Midtown – From the Manhattan Penthouses Suite painting. I love his style, which resembles Fanch Ledan‘s style. We have a few of Ledan’s works. Ledan incorporates real artwork from the likes of Picasso, Mondrian, and others in his paintings. I love his “Windows on the World” concept where he paints a room with art and you can see the locale or city in the windows.
Completed puzzle
What do you enjoy doing over the holidays?

3 thoughts on “Annual Jigsaw Puzzle 2006”

  1. Hi — I have been looking for the Midtown puzzle by Thomas McKnight for quite a while. When I typed it in the search area, your blog appeared and lo and behold the photo showing your family assembling the puzzle. Any ideas where I might find that titled puzzle? Thanks – just e-mail me if you have a clue for me. Nell

  2. Hi — can’t believe it has been almost a year since I posted that last one on your blog. Still looking for the “Midtown” puzzle — any clues on finding one? Thanks.


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