10 Uses for Twitter in Business

PLANO, TX (January 28, 2009) Twitter lovers know the secret to twitter is to get involved instead of standing by watching the tweets go by. Twitter doesn’t just keep friends and family in touch with each other, but also helps professionals of all careers including freelancers.
10 Uses for Twitter for Business Professionals

  1. Identify industry trends.
  2. Stay in touch with customers and colleagues to make you more accessible.
  3. Share articles and Web sites of interest to others.
  4. Set up in person meetings.
  5. Meet new people including experts, competitors, and prospects.
  6. Stay fresh in other people’s minds so when they need your product or service, you’re there to remind them.
  7. Mingle with the social network as twitter connects to blogs, LinkedIn and other social network sites.
  8. Share your expertise to help establish your company as a thought leader.
  9. Lend customer support.
  10. Report problems: Being up front and honest makes a difference.

Get over 50 more uses for twitter for writers and freelancers. Professionals in other careers can expand on these ideas to apply to their business.


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