Best site for organization tips: Lifehack. I’ll share my tips every now and then. Feel free to share yours. Maybe you do something more efficiently than I do.
One of my favorite tips that I actually use is writing the date I bought something or when it expires. More and more products are coming with expiration dates on them, but there are still plenty that don’t come with the date stamped or make it impossible to read. As soon as I buy spices, I add two years to the day’s date and write it on the bottom with a Sharpie.
I don’t have time to watch TV, so I record everything. Still have two tapes of stuff containing episodes that ran in April and May. How do we keep track? Using sticky notes. We write the show name and the date. We rarely have incidences of lost stickies due to not enough sticky on the sticky or toddler hands.
I also put stickies on filled tapes from the camcorder with the date the tape was filled. So when we get around to copying the tape to media over a year later, we know the timeframe. You can do so much more with stickies as this Post-it Ideas That Stick! tells all.
Touch once. Go through it, toss what I don’t need, set aside mail for other family members, and take action on the rest. Unfortunately, Paul doesn’t prescribe to this method and has a mound of mail in the kitchen. One example of taking action is paying a bill — I don’t pay it immediately. For bills I pay online, I go to the web site as soon as I can to pay and enter the date I want to make the payment. It’s much easier than the old method of entering a reminder in my PDA.
You run into someone who asks you for information or gives you information that you need to act on when you get home — what are the chances you’ll remember considering all the things going on between running into the person and getting home? For me, not good. I use my Sidekick II to send myself an email with a reminder. No email? Enter the note into a cell phone or call your answering machine and leave a message.
If you use plain ol’ paper to write the note, be sure to put the paper with something that you know you’ll touch when you get home. Also, make sure it’s securely attached to the item.
I’ve also sent myself an instant message so I could remember to do something as soon as I got back on my computer. Of course, this means having your PC’s instant messenger on and having the capability on your cell phone or handheld.