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Epic Biosonics Inc. Writes

Mary McFarland, President and CEO, and Epic Biosonics, kindly took the time to write in response to this August entry. Here's the note:

“I would like to respond to a posting on Bionic Ear Blog which provided information on a totally implantable cochlear implant from Epic Biosonics Inc. I would like to take this opportunity to update your readers on the development of this device.

As some of you are already aware, Epic ran into a particularly difficult technical hurdle and had to shelve the develoment of this exciting implant. Epic Biosonics is now working with Austrian cochlear implant manufacturer, MED-EL Medical Electroincs, to develop electrode array technology for incorporation into future MED-EL cochlear implants. We are pleased to be working with a company that has such excellent products and supportive staff.

“I would like to wish all of you well in your pursuit of better hearing.”

Mary McFarland
President and CEO

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