It’s not PowerPoint’s fault that presentations have become boring and useless. After all, it just supplies the tools and it’s what we do with it that matters. Found this Hugh MacLeod PowerPuke cartoon that captures my thought perfectly.
Sure, PowerPoint comes with templates. Again, people don’t customize the presentation for their audience’s needs. They just fill in the headings and bullets without giving much thought. This compelled me to start this list of great examples.
Many of the examples are based on slides than on a person giving the presentation. After all, I rely heavily on slides because of my deafness. When they tell me something without making me read a book and give me an idea of what the speaker is saying (keeping me on cue if I am able to understand the speaker), then it’s most likely a great presentation.
Updated: 6 April 2011

  1. 5 Ways to Make PowerPoint Sing! (And Dance!)
  2. 10 Rules for Killer Business Cards 2010 Edition
  3. Banish Boring Presentations
  4. Beyond Monetization: Build Lasting Value Through Social Media
  5. The Brand Gap based on the best-selling book.
  6. Debunking Third World Myths with Hans Rosling
  7. Effective PowerPoint Presenting
  8. Flickr: All about pictrs
  9. Footnotes: How feet can be entertaining.
  10. Garr Reynolds of PresentationZen on presentations @GoogleTalks.
  11. Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation
  12. Gore speech on global warming
  13. Guy Kawasaki Truemors presentation
  14. History of the Button: Pick any button…
  15. How to Make Big Things Happen with Small Teams [pdf] by Jason Fried of 37Signals. I’ve heard (seen) him speak and he kept my attention — I could actually follow along and cared about what he had to say.
  16. I Am the Media: On word of mouth.
  17. Inbox Zero by Merlin Mann
  18. An Introduction to Visual Thinking
  19. Kill Bullets
  20. Meet Henry, Mr. MBA who doesn’t know spit about presentations.
  21. Logic + Emotion and One Year Later
  22. Panipuri: Presentation on a food item.
  23. Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 slides then sit the hell down.
  24. PowerPoint 2007 Design Fashion Trends
  25. Present! Re-thinking presentation design
  26. Shift Happens: Everyone I knew was talking about it including a middle school principal, a university professor, family, and business colleagues. It’s rare when a topic crosses all parts of my life (business, personal, and educational). It caught so many people’s attention that information visualizing firm Xplane helped tweak it.
  27. Sky McCloud Presentation: Cartoonist Scott McCloud’s daughter tells about their trip across the country in a creative way.
  28. Social Media: Good except for the blinding red slides.
  29. Sustainable Food Lab: An organization bringing sustainability to food systems.
  30. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design): Contains many great presentations — not many examples of slides.
  31. Thirst: We all need to do our part to help with the water crisis or prepared to be thirsty… and when we go without water for a week…
  32. Translation as Vocation: Exactly that.
  33. Two states of matter they didn’t teach you about in school [PPT file]: My third grader came home from school and asked me how many states of matters there were. I answered three: Solid, liquid, gas. He told me there were five. We researched this on the Internet and this PowerPoint presentation was the first thing we found. That’s all it took for us to understand it.
  34. Unlocking Cool: What a trend hunter does.
  35. Usability Anonymous: 12 Step Program for Better User Experiences
  36. Visual and Creative Thinking: What We Learned from Peter Pan and Willy Wonka
  37. What the **** Is Social Media? One year later…
  38. WOMM: Why word of mouth marketing works.
  39. Zimbabwe in Crisis: Breaks my heart.


  1. 10 Modern Powerpoint and Keynote Templates that Deliver Clear Presentations: Awesome templates.
  2. 11 Ways to Visualize Changes Over Time: Design ideas for when you need to show changes.
  3. 43 Folders Best Presentation Tipsbeyond_bullet_points.jpg
  4. Alltop Public Speaking blogs
  5. American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches
  6. Bad, bad, bad presentation. Do the opposite!
  7. Beyond Bullet Points teaches how to tell a story with PowerPoint without resorting to useless templates. Think of it as presentation turned into visuals. Fabulous book and resource.
  8. Brainy Betty: PowerPoint templates.
  9. Death by PowerPoint (YouTube version)
  10. Doc Searls’ It’s the Story, Stupid
  11. Don Norman’ In Defense of PowerPoint
  12. Guy Kawasaki on 10-20-30 presentation rule (video)
  13. “How to” Visual Effects in PowerPoint
  14. The London Speaker: Toastmasters of London with plenty of good info.
  15. m62 visualcommunications: Resources and tips.
  16. Mother Tongue Annoyances: Lose the ums!
  17. Official PowerPoint Home Page: Templates, training, articles, downloads and more
  18. PowerPoint Extreme Makeover: Too long, but good info.
  19. The PowerPoint FAQ
  20. PowerPoint for Educators: Tricks and samples
  21. Seth Godin’s The Hierarchy of Presentations
  22. Seth Godin’s Really Bad PowerPoint (and how to avoid it) [pdf file]
  23. SlideBoom: Share live presentations online.
  24. slide:ology by Nancy Duarte.
  25. Slideshare: Share presentations online.


  1. Bert Decker
  2. Brad Montgomery
  3. Business Presentations
  4. Communication Nation
  5. Dave Paradi’s PowerPoint Blog
  6. Great Public Speaking
  7. Indezine: Blog and free PowerPoint templates.
  8. The Extreme Presentation Blog doesn’t like Guy’s 10-20-30 rule and makes a good point. About time someone argued against the rule. Seriously — how many people follow this rule? Many of the great presentations don’t.
  9. The Presentation Examples Blog
  10. Presentation Helper
  11. PresentationZen: Wonderful blog on everything presentation. Garr published a book on the topic.presentationzen.jpg
  12. Professionally Speaking
  13. Public Speaking Blogs list
  14. Six Minutes and its massive list of public speaking blogs
  15. slide:ology book
  16. Speak Schmeak

Fun and Humor

  1. Claymation with PowerPoint
  2. Origins of PowerPoint [zip file] plus a sequel and other shows
  3. PowerPoint Ballad
  4. PowerPoint Karaoke: Make a PPT file of multiple presentations slides and cue ’em. Each singer ad libs a presentation.
  5. Presentation Pitfalls: Don’t Let This Happen to You Can you find all of the errors?
  6. Tim Lee PowerPoint comedy